Asheboro earns walk off win

Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday night the Asheboro Blue Comets battled against the Trinity Bulldogs in the final game on day three of the Copperhead Classic.

Leading things off in the first inning was Landen Mosley as he took ball four. The Comets threw Mosley out at second before picking up back to back strikeouts to end the inning. Taking ball four in the bottom of the first was Tanner Marsh. With one out Trevor Marsh also took ball four as he made his way to first. With two outs Levi Kinney stepped to the box and made contact for an RBI single that sent Tanner Marsh home. After one complete inning, the Comets led 1-0. 

Asheboro opened the top of the second with back to back outs. Noah Brown was pitched ball four as he took first base. Up next, Mosley took one for the team and was hit with a pitch. Loading the bases with a solo hit was Connor Stanley. Asheboro held the Bulldogs as they finished the inning with a strikeout. Trinity made quick work of the Comets in the bottom of the inning as they forced them into a three up three down inning. Asheboro continued to lead 1-0 after two innings.

Mosley began the top of the third with a solo hit but the Comets left him on base as they picked up three outs in a row. In the bottom of the third, the Bulldogs gained a pair of outs before giving up a solo hit to Trevor Marsh. Once again getting hit by a pitch was Goldston. Trinity finished out the inning leaving both runners on base. After three complete innings, the score remained 1-0 in favor of Asheboro. 

In the top of the fourth Asheboro got the first out right away before giving up a base hit to Brown. With two outs Stanley was pitched ball four for a walk. The Comets got out of the inning holding both runners on base. Trinity had a strong fourth inning as they only allowed a solo hit to Davis and left him on base. The Blue Comets continued to lead 1-0.

For the Bulldogs, Mosley led off the top of the fifth with a walk. The Comets answered with three straight outs to get out of the inning. Laying down the bunt in the bottom of the fifth inning was Martinez as he moved Tanner Marsh into scoring position. Trinity turned a double play followed by a strikeout to end the inning. After five complete innings, the Comets still led the Bulldogs 1-0. 

Ben Owens made contact with the ball for a base hit to lead off the sixth inning. With one out Mosley also picked up a solo hit. Stanley made contact for an RBI single to send Owens in for the score. Trinity tied the game at 1-1. In the bottom of the sixth, Trinity gained a strikeout right away. Due to an error, Davis got a base hit. With two outs Peters made his way to first with a hit but was left on base as the Bulldogs finished the inning. After six innings of play, this one was tied 1-1.

Stanley was pitched ball four as he started the seventh inning. Behind him was Chase Wade as he too took ball four. Asheboro rallied together to finish the inning with three outs in a row. In the bottom of the seventh, the Bulldogs picked up a strikeout. Trevor Marsh sent the ball over the right field for a walk-off home run to give the Blue Comets the win. Asheboro took down Trinity 2-1.

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