ATMS wrestling tops NERMS

Stephanie King

The ATMS Bulldogs hosted the NERMS Huskies on Tuesday for a middle school wrestling match. ATMS took an early 9-0 lead winning the first two matches before NERMS cut the lead to three with their first match win. The Bulldogs picked up two more wins f0r a 21-6 lead. Cade Ritter gave the Huskies their next win. After trading matches, the Bulldogs won seven straight matches for a 66-18 lead. NERMS won two of the last three matches but fell 78-24 to the Bulldogs.

Individual Match Results:

76lb: C. Smith (ATMS) pinned Duvall (NERMS)
83lb: Newman (NERMS) pinned Gray (ATMS)
90lb: Hittepole (ATMS) pinned Davis (NERMS)
98lb: May (ATMS) pinned Fullbright (NERMS)
106lb: Hall (ATMS) defeated Austin (NERMS)
113lb: Swaney (ATMS) pinned Armfield (NERMS)
120lb: Strickland (ATMS) pinned Trivette (NERMS)
126lb: Dennis (ATMS) pinned Power (NERMS)
132lb: Schaefer (ATMS) pinned Sams (NERMS)
138lb: Williams (NERMS) pinned Justice (ATMS)
145lb: Eames (ATMS) pinned Ramirez (NERMS)
152lb: Hohn (ATMS) defeated Combo (NERMS)
160lb: Morris (ATMS) defeated Bartios (NERMS)
170lb: Nawaz (ATMS) pinned Hull (ATMS)
182lb: Foust (NERMS) pinned Barron (ATMS)
195lb: Mathai (ATMS) won by Forfeit
220lb: Lawson (ATMS) won by Forfeit
HWT: Cade Ritter (NERMS) won by pin

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