Eastern Randolph cruises to win over Trinity

Stephanie King

The final week of the regular season saw the Eastern Randolph Wildcats host the Trinity Bulldogs at Burton Cates Stadium. Eastern Randolph was coming off a loss at Randleman, while the Bulldogs were coming off a loss against High Point Andrews.

Trinity’s Allen returned the opening kickoff to the Bulldogs’ 41-yard line before they found themselves on the wrong side of a four-down punting situation. The Wildcats took over on their own 47-yard line and needed just two play to find the end zone. Tavis McAdoo picked up 18-yards on the run before scoring on a 35-yard touchdown run. The 35-yard run put McAdoo over the 1,000th rushing yard mark for the season. The extra point attempt was no good as the Wildcats took a 6-0 lead. Trinity looked to have a promising drive with a first down pass from Shell to Landon Carter, but a fumble on the next play allowed the Wildcats to recover. The Wildcats took over on the 25-yard ad wasted no time finding the end zone for the second time. Cade Snotherly connected with JB Farrish for a 25-yard touchdown pass. ER tried for the two-point conversion and completed it for a 14-0 lead over the Bulldogs.

The offensive woes continued for the Bulldogs as they struggled to move the ball against the Wildcats ‘defense. This time the Bulldogs were forced to punt on fourth down and twenty. Eastern Randolph fumbled the punt return close to the end zone but was able to recover and run it in for a touchdown. Carter Moore tacked on the extra point to give the Wildcats a 21-0 lead with 3:20 left in the first quarter. Trinity went back on offense to try and get something going but continued to struggle. They would be forced to punt the ball on fourth down and 35. Eastern Randolph took over and need just two plays to add another touchdown to the board. McAdoo scored on a 23-yard run and after the extra point from Moore, Eastern Randolph led 28-0 with 22 seconds left in the first quarter. Trinity would have the ball as the first quarter came to a close with Wildcats leading 28-0.

Eastern Randolph’s defense continued to put pressure on Trinity as they forced the Bulldogs to punt the ball on fourth and 46. The Wildcats took over on their own 38-yard line and worked the ball down the field. After runs from McAdoo and Osiris Ross, Snotherly found Farrish for a one-yard touchdown pass. Moore came on for the extra point giving the Wildcats a 35-0 lead with 8:07 left in the second quarter. Trinity’s next drive ended in another punt, but the Bulldogs were able to recover their punt after the ball touched a Wildcat player. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, they could not capitalize on the great field position and were forced to punt on fourth down. The Wildcats returned the punt to the 33-yard line. Trinity’s defense was able to push the Wildcats back to their four-yard, but the Wildcats made them pay as Mcadoo broke a couple of tackles on his way to a 96-yard touchdown run. The extra point attempt was no good as the Wildcats led 41-0 with 4:20 left int he second quarter.

David Makupson returned the ensuing kickoff to the 50-yard to set the Bulldogs up with great field position. The Bulldogs picked up a first down on a pass from Shell to Brockington before being forced to punt on fourth down. The Wildcats started strong on their next drive with a 31-yard first-down pass from Snotherly to Farrish. Trinity’s defense stepped up, forcing the Wildcats to punt the ball on fourth down and 35. The Bulldogs next drive ended in a turnover and the Wildcats capitalized on the great field position. With just over thirty seconds left in the quarter, Ross scored on a 58-yard run and after the extra point, the Wildcats led 48-0. Trinity tried for a touchdown at the buzzer, but the pass was picked off by Zade Brower. At the half, Eastern Randolph led 48-0.

With a running clock in the second half, Eastern Randolph opened the third quarter with a touchdown pass from Snotherly to Curtis Williams. The extra point was good as the Wildcats took a 55-0 lead over the Wildcats. The Wildcats’ stayed strong on defense through the second half as they continued to hold the Bulldogs scoreless. Eastern Randolph would lead 55-0 after three-quarters of play. The Wildcats would cap off their win over the Bulldogs with a 78-yard touchdown by Colby Cockman early in the fourth quarter. Eastern Randolph got the win 62-0 over the Bulldogs. Two Wildcat players reached incredible milestones during the game as McAdoo reached the 1,000th rushing yard mark and Cade Snotherly eclipsed the 2,000th passing yard mark.

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