Huskies post win over ATMS

Stephanie King

It was a nice afternoon for some middle school baseball as the ATMS Bulldogs hosted the NERMS Huskies on Monday.

After a scoreless inning by the Huskies, ATMS took a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first. A triple from Parker Kines sent Gage Griffith home for the Bulldogs’ first run of the night. The Bulldogs made quick work of the Huskies in the top of the second by forcing them to go three up three down. Things did not go too well for the Bulldogs in the bottom half of the inning as the scored remained 1-0 in favor of ATMS.

The third inning of play would go by without a score, as would the fourth. NERMS had a strong fifth inning as they brought two runs across the plate. After two outs and a runner on first, the Huskies loaded the bases before a hit from Logan Fox brought in the two runs. The Bulldogs picked up the final out of the inning and were forced to go three up three down in the bottom of the inning. After five innings, NERMS led 2-1.

NERMS turned things up in the top of the sixth scoring six runs to take a commanding lead. The Huskies got six runners on base and scored two before the first out of the inning. NERMS added three more runs before out number two. It was a quick bottom of the sixth as the Bulldogs could not get their lone base runner across the plate. After six innings, NERMS was in control 8-1.

The Huskies pushed their lead to nine in the top of the seventh after a double from Jayden Beason brought Stephen Beason and Jose Ramirez in to score. With the Huskies leading 10-1 heading into the bottom of the seventh, ATMS was able to bring one more run across the plate before the Huskies picked up the final out. NERMS got the win 10-2 over ATMS.

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