Huskies score big in win over Bulldogs

Stephanie King

Middle School softball action came to ATMS on Tuesday as the Lady Bulldogs hosted the Lady Huskies of NERMS.

NERMS started strong in the top of the first picking up five hits and three runs in their first six at-bats. Mailey Way, Gracie Smith, Katie Jo Staley, Alysha Brown, and Karlie Staley each picked up hits with Way, Smith, and Staley each scoring a run. The Lady Bulldogs picked up their second out of the inning before the Huskies loaded the bases with a walk from Jayla Ferguson. ATMS struck out the next batter to end the inning. In the bottom of the first, Gracie Hodgin and Addie Jones led things off with back to back walks for the Bulldogs. Both runners were left stranded as the Lady Huskies picked up three straight outs. After one complete inning, the Lady Huskies led 3-0 over ATMS.

Way led off the top of the second with a base hit for the Huskies before stealing second on a wild pitch. ATMS picked up out number one before a deep single from Smith scored Way. Smith scored moments later on a single from Staley for the last run of the inning as ATMS picked up two outs in a row. The Lady Huskies opened the bottom half of the inning with back to back outs before giving up a walk to Kynnedi Routh. She was left on base as the Huskies struck out the next batter for out number three. NERMS was in control 5-0 after two innings of play.

Madisyn Neighbors opened the top of the third with a single down the third baseline before a hit from Ferguson put runners on first and second. The Lady Bulldogs picked up back to back outs putting pressure on the Huskies. A wild pitch left the door open for Neighbors to steal home giving the Huskies a 6-0 lead. Devon Kelly picked up her first hit of the afternoon and scored Ferguson in the process. Smith drew a walk to add a second base runner for the Huskies before back to back singles from Staley and Brown scored Kelly and Lara Wiseman. Karlie Staley picked up another hit bringing Katie Jo Staley in for the final run of the inning. The Huskies gave up a walk to Kennedy Jackson before striking out the next batter. Jones got a pop fly single but was left stranded when the Huskies picked up the final two outs. After three innings, NERMS led 10-0.

ATMS started the top of the fourth with an out before giving up back to back base hits to Riley Mazzarone and Way. Kelly was thrown out at first for out number two, but Mazzarone made her way home to bring the Huskies’ run total to 11. The Bulldogs picked up the final out of the inning moments later. The Huskies got back to back outs to start the bottom of the inning before giving up back to back walks to Kylie Hemric and Routh. NERMS struck out the next batter for out number three leaving both runners stranded. The Lady Huskies held an 11-0 advantage over the Bulldogs after four innings.

The Lady Huskies quickly loaded the bases in the top of the fifth off of hits from Katie Jo Staley, Brown, and Karlie Staley. ATMS picked up out number one, but Katie Jo Staley was able to score giving the Huskies a 12-0 lead. A single from Ferguson brought in Brown, while Karlie Staley scored as the Bulldogs picked up out number two. Way doubled to score Ferguson before scoring off a single from Kelly. The Bulldogs picked up the final out of the inning as the Huskies led 16-0. NERMS made quick work of the Bulldogs in the bottom of the inning forcing them to go three up three down. This one ended after the fifth inning with Huskies picking up a 16-0 win.

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