NERMS defeats SAMS

Kaitlyn Mullins

Wednesday afternoon the Comets of SAMS hosted the Huskies of NERMS for a middle school match up in football.

Leading things off in the first quarter were the Huskies as they kicked off. Carrying the ball for SAMS was #3 as he started the Comets on the 30-yard line. #24 and #4 both picked up first downs moving SAMS closer to the goal. NERMS’ defense was able to stop the Comets as they turned the ball over on downs on the 21-yard line. The Huskies started strong as Logan Fox and Brady Collins ran with the ball for back to back first downs. With two minutes left in the first quarter, Fox ran the ball into the end zone. NERMS was able to hold their lead at the end of the first quarter. The Huskies led 6-0 after one quarter.

SAMS started strong in the second quarter as #3 carried the ball for a first down. The Comets made their way down to the 20-yard line. On the next play, #4 was handed the ball as he rushed into the end zone putting SAMS on the board. On the kick off return, Devin James ran with the ball as he was taken down on the 40-yard line. NERMS’ offensive was no match up for the Comets as Fox went down the middle for another Husky touchdown. NERMS went for the two-point conversion as Cade Ritter knocked down everyone in his way.  At the half, NERMS led 14-6.

Kicking off in the third quarter were the Comets. Carrying the ball was Fox and Collins as they once again picked up first downs. SAMS allowed the Huskies to surpass them as Ritter stepped into the end zone. NERMS took a 20-6 lead. With four minutes left in the third quarter, SAMS fumbled the ball as NERMS recovered on the 18-yard line. Collins ran with the ball to pick up another first down. The clock ran down as the Huskies held their lead 20-6.

Leading off on the four-yard line were the Huskies as Fox picked up another touchdown. The Comets regained the ball and quickly picked up the first down. SAMS picked up back to back penalties that pushed them back to third and 25. The Huskies defense held the Comets as they turned the ball over on the 25-yard line. The Huskies made their run with the ball as they covered ground down the field. Time on the clock came to an end as the Huskies took a 26-6 victory.

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