PG holds ER in 5 sets

Kaitlyn Mullins

Thursday night the Providence Grove Patriots hosted the Eastern Randolph Wildcats for a PAC-7 Conference volleyball match.

Leading things off in the first set were the Patriots as they took the first point. Soon after, the Wildcats took a 3-1 lead. Standing tall for the block was Kaitlin Sexton as she helped lead Providence Grove to a 9-3 lead. #6 served back to back aces to close the gap to three points for the Wildcats. Eastern Randolph continued to battle, taking a 13-12 lead. Both teams battled it out as they kept the match within one point of each other. Providence Grove took a 20-18 lead. Once again the Wildcats pushed as #3 picked up a kill to finish the Cats with 23 points. Ending the first set were the Patriots as they won 25-23.

Tipping the ball over the net for the first point in the second set was Sexton. Kaylee Bowman followed suit slamming the ball down for a kill. Providence Grove took a 3-0 lead before a kill from #6 put the Wildcats on the board. Scoring back to back points for Eastern Randolph were Kolby Snider and #6 as they cut the lead to one. The Patriots went on a 3-0 rally to up themselves ahead 13-7. Helping the Patriots was Sexton as she gained another kill. Eastern Randolph was able to sneak another point in before the Patriots went on a 7-0 run. Sexton once again slammed a kill down and picked up a block. The Wildcats would finish the second set with 13 points. The Patriots held the Wildcats 25-13. Providence Grove went up two sets to zero.

Killing the ball to open set three was #3 for Eastern Randolph. Sexton allowed the Patriots to take 3-2 lead. Back to back serving errors on both teams made it a 4-4 set. Putting down two hits in a row for the Wildcats was Snider. Eastern Randolph took a 10-4 lead, but an ace from Rylie Burton kept the Patriots within three points. Picking up an ace was Halie Abrams as she helped Eastern Randolph to a 16-9 lead. Providence Grove rallied for a 5-0 run to close the gap to two points. A serving error on the Wildcats finished the Patriots with 19 points. Eastern Randolph was able to hold the Patriots in the third set for a  25-19 win.

Opening the fourth set were the Wildcats as they took a 2-0 lead. The Patriots took their first lead at 3-2 before the Wildcats tied the set at five all. Serving an ace was Jill Stern as she gave Providence Grove a 7-5 lead. Both teams kept a tight leash on each other as they stayed within one point of the other. A tip from #6 allowed the Wildcats to take an 18-12 lead. Providence Grove served an error giving Eastern Randolph 23 points. Providence Grove did not give up as they rallied together to bring the game within one point. Eastern Randolph was able to hold them off and send the game into five sets. The Wildcats took the fourth set 25-23.

Bowman opened the fifth set with a strong serve giving the Patriots an early 3-0 lead. The Wildcats got on the board only to have Sexton kill the ball across the net making it a 4-1 set. Closing the gap to one point was Snider as she tipped the ball over the net. The Patriots went up 8-5. Eastern Randolph picked up one point before allowing Providence Grove to take 13-7 advantage. Eastern Randolph finished with 8 points. A back-row attack from Stern gave the Patriots 15 to take the fifth set. Providence Grove won the fifth set 15-8.

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