SERMS Boys Defeat RMS

Kaitlyn Mullins

Monday afternoon the RMS Tigers hosted the Wildcats of SERMS for a middle school matchup in basketball.

Opening the first quarter was Timothy Brower as he knocked down a three-pointer. Drawing a foul for the Wildcats was Brower as he made one out of the two free throws. Putting the Tigers on the board was Riley Edwards. SERMS continued to lead the way as they went on an 8-0 run. Scoring for the Wildcats was Davonte Brooks and AJ Randle. Stepping back to hit a three-pointer was Baylor Petty as he gave RMS 5 points. Ending the first quarter on the foul line was JR Edwards as he finished SERMS with 15 points. After one complete quarter, SERMS led 15-5.

Petty began the second quarter as he knocked down a three. Jake Fesmire dribbled straight to the net as he laid in a basket. Edwards stepped to the foul line as he made one free throw. The Wildcats pushed ahead by 15 points as Brower hit a three. Hitting another three-pointer for the Wildcats was Randle. Ending the quarter under the basket was R. Edwards as he put up a rebound. At the half, SERMS led 26-10.

Taking the ball all the way to the hoop was Fesmire as he opened the third quarter. Chesney Welch hit a jump shot as he gave RMS 12 points. Drawing a foul was Brower as he made both free throws with ease. RMS kept fighting as Welch cut the lead to 16 points. Swishing a three for the Wildcats was Brower as he made this a 33-14 game. Jireh Price and Amarion Moton caught the Tigers up as they made this a 24-33 game. Hitting a buzzer three-pointer was Brower. After three complete quarters SERMS lead 36-24.

SERMS opened the fourth quarter as they extended their lead to 21 points. Fesmire, Brooks, and Randle led the way as they put the Wildcats up 45-24. Petty pulled up a for a jump shot as he made a basket for the Tigers. Making back to back threes for SERMS was Nicah Taylor and Brower. Standing under the basket putting the rebound back up was Edwards as he gave SERMS 53 points. Ending the game for RMS was Joseph Gordon as he made a bucket. SERMS took down the Tigers 53-30.

Top scorers for the Wildcats were Timothy Brower with 20 points, AJ Randle had 9, as well as Jake Fesmire. For the Tigers Baylor Petty led the way with 8 points and Jireh Price finished with 6 points.

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