Wildcats fall late in 4th quarter

Kaitlyn Mullins

Friday night the Eastern Randolph Wildcats hosted the Southern Alamance Patriots for a non-conference match-up in varsity football. 

Kicking things off in the first quarter were Wildcats as they won the coin toss. The Wildcats kicked off as the Patriots return the ball to the 24-yard line. On second and five Southern Alamance fumbled the ball and Eastern Randolph recovered. On second and ten for the Wildcats Cade Snotherly threw an interception as Emmett Raggett picked off the pass. Southern Alamance would go on to punt the ball on fourth down. Eastern Randolph would follow in their footsteps as they were unable to cover ground and punted on fourth down. Neither team was able to pass each other’s defense as they finished out the first quarter in a 0-0 tie. 

Southern Alamance started their run on the 10-yard line. On third and second the Patriots surpassed the Wildcats’ defense for three back to back first downs. As the Patriots picked up yardage, Trevor Woods carried the ball to the four-yard line. With three minutes left on the clock, Jacob Freeze stepped across the end zone for a touchdown. Making the extra point was Stephen Glenn as he made it a 7-0 game. After a rough start, the Wildcats began their journey on the nine-yard line. On third and 13, Snotherly made a complete pass to Osiris Ross and he ran the ball down to the 23-yard line. Snotherly would take the ball picking up another Wildcat first down. On the nine-yard line, Snotherly found Kaemen Marley open in the end zone. With 16 seconds left on the clock, #81 made a kick to tie the game at seven all. At the half, the game was tied 7-7.

Starting the second half were the Patriots as they kicked off to the Wildcats. Elijah Glover caught the onside kick on the 47-yard line. On the next play, Marley was handed the ball and sent a pass to JB Farrish for a first down. On fourth and 17, the Wildcats went for it as Snotherly sent a perfect pass to William Harris for Eastern Randolph touchdown. The kick was good as the Wildcats took a 14-7 lead. Southern Alamance got their turn on offense, but they were forced to punt on fourth down. Eastern Randolph went on to finish out the third quarter by punting the ball as well. After the complete quarters, the Wildcats led 14-7.

Leading off the fourth quarter on the 26-yard line were the Patriots. Southern Alamance gained back to back first downs as they advanced to the ball to the 20-yard line. On fourth and four, Darius Foust made his way to the end zone as he made it a 13-14 game. Glenn sent the kick through the middle of the uprights to tie the game at 14 all. Eastern Randolph was given one last chance but was unable to surpass the Patriots’ defense. Regaining the ball was the Patriots as Jacob Freeze sprinted with the ball to pick up a first down on the 47-yard line. Southern Alamance got down to fourth and one as Woods gained another first down. Eastern Randolph was able to pick off the runner and push the Patriots back to second and 40. This didn’t stop Southern Alamance as Woods carried the ball down the sideline for a Patriot first down. Trevor Woods took the handoff and brought the ball to the 16-yard line. On the next play with 20 seconds on the clock David Hines passed the ball to Jax May for a touchdown. The Patriots went for the kick to extend their lead over ER. There was not enough time for the Wildcats to get down the field as they fell 21-14 to Southern Alamance.

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